Lefkada apartments
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San Lazzaro apartments are located on Lefkada Island in the verdant and idyllic location of Perigiali, 100 metres from the sea and 200 metres form the centre of cosmopolitan village of Nidri.

Accessed by Car: Lefkada is the only island which is accessed by car without the added expenses of ferry boats, by utilizing the draw bridge that connects the island with neighboring Acarnania. Local Buses conduct 5 routes daily between Lefkada and Athens (378 km) lasting 5 hours, and 2 weekly routes between Thessaloniki and Lefkada (420km) lasting 7 hours (by car lasting 5 hours).

Perigiali, where our apartments are located is 15 km from the town of Lefkada following the local road to Nidri.