Location and Access

“San Lazzaro Apartments” is located in Nidri, Lefkada, 200 meters from the center, in the green area of Perigiali.

At the entrance of the village Nidri you will come across a junction where you will follow the right direction to the ring road (there is a sign pointing to Vassiliki) 200 meters after the junction on your right there is a sign with the name of the accommodation (San Lazzaro), turn there and within a few meters you reach apartments San Lazzaro.

The complex is located 100 meters from the sea. The apartments are easily accessible by car and have parking for their guests to ensure a comfortable commute.


Nidri Lefkada

From the town of Lefkada we head to Nidri – Vassiliki.
We pass by the villages of Kaligoni, Karyotes, Lygia, Nikiana, Perigiali and reach Nidri. It is the most cosmopolitan part of the island. A picturesque fishing village in the past, today is the destination of the largest portion of tourists visiting the island. It has many restaurants and bars and gives holidaymakers the opportunity to do water sports, sailing and visit the islets of the bay, as well as Ithaca and Kefalonia.
In front of Nidri, in the gulf, emerge the beautiful “Principalities” that next to each other and together with the peninsula of Agia Kyriaki on the right, create a magnificent island complex, something like a fjord. Worth a visit. At the port you can board one of the many daily cruises or rent a small boat or speedboat and explore on your own. Closer to Nidri, from west to east, are the islands of Sparti, Cheloni, Madouri, Scorpidi, Scorpios.
Everyone has their own story. The island of Sparta was bought by Onassis in 1963 from the noble family of Stavros, the oldest of the island. Next to Sparta, near the land, the small round rocky islet called Olive is called Chelonaki. Very close to the island is Madouri, which belongs to the Valaoritis family since the early 19th century. Two kilometers from Nidri, further behind Madouri, is the most famous of the islands, Aristotle Onassis’ Scorpio. He bought the island in 1963 and has since toured all the magazines and newspapers around the world after hosting the jet set of the entire planet.
North of Scorpio, is the island of Skorpidi, owned by Lebanon.

(source: www.lefkadaslowguide.gr)